These are some of the items we have/have had in our showroom.  The island, wood bench and bistro table were built from reclaimed materials by farm2furniture.  

The furniture we build is unique because of the vintage wood.  No two pieces of wood are the same.  Each piece has its own character, thereby giving each piece of furniture its unique look.  Our motto is:  'If you can dream, draw it, design it, or take a picture of it, we can build it!!'  

This is a sample of the log cabin mailboxes (approved by the USPS) we build. Roofing and wood was all reclaimed.  

Farm2furniture Primitive Reproduction Custom Furniture

These are a few of the reclaimed shutters we have in stock.  We have several pairs in a variety of sizes.  

This is a sample of one of our custom built dining tables.  The wood was  reclaimed from a local farmhouse that was destined to be destroyed.  

This is a sample of our custom built benches.  We build them in whatever size you prefer.  No job is too big or too small!!

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Welcome to farm2furniture!! We are committed to 're-use, re-cycle, and re-purpose.'  What we do is take down old barns and houses, then re-purpose the wood by building furniture from it.  With each piece of furniture we try to provide the history of the wood, including the builder, residents and complete use of the structure from beginning to end.